Praise for Maritime Cowboy and Compass:

"I love this soul-touching record."  - Sony Music’s Vinny Rich

"A fabulous voice. " - Ed Bilous, Artistic Director, The Juilliard School                      

"There's a mystic-poetic sort of wisdom in her vocals that makes music like this - in my mind - timeless. " - Andrew Marotta, The Bensonhurst Review   

"When she sings, it's like the whole universe is speaking to all of us."- Evelyn Lindner, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

"Singer-songwriter, interdisciplinary artist Christine de Michele, blurs the lines between art forms, musical genres and performance practices.” - Columbia University Press

"Incredibly distinctive voice." - Adam Pollock, CEO, Creative Entertainment Network                                      

"It's such a big undertaking to make an album of original music, and her new record sounds fabulous!" - Kristin Slipp, vocalist, Cuddle Magic